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Virtual Towers Online (VTO) is a realistic, "to-scale" exact replica of the Alton Towers theme park. It is designed to be as close to realism as possible using architectual plans and thousands of photo references. The end goal is to have a multi player environment where users from all over the world can digitally interact with each other throughout the entire park.

What's more is that it is designed to have a freeroam mode and and a career mode where users can actually take roles within the park such as physically controlling rides using the ride control panels as a ride operater.

The game will be VR compatible and offer a unique, never done before experience.

Please visit Facebook.com/virtualtowersonline for more information

Please ensure that you download through the itch.io app to ensure that you get the best update experience.

Please note the current version of the game was released in 2018 and so progress has moved on massively since then. We are currently in the process of preparing the game for our next release. The current game version only gives access to X-Sector, future versions will expand further and beyond this.

System Requirements

This game requires high end PCs to run, the following requirements are required at this point. Please note these requirements are based on our current findings.

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM Recommended)
  • Video Card/DirectX Version: DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 compatible graphics card
  • Memory: 3GB


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virtual-towers-online-windows-beta.zip 2 GB
Version 0.01.30a

Development log


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Me and my girlfriend are avid goers of the park and we checked this out today and was absolutely flawed by the amount of detail went into this to make it feel like the real thing. Absolutely insane work guys.

hi just a quick question; will this game be available to play on mac at some point? it didn't work with my windows laptop so just hoping i get to play o=it eventually

I Pressed start game and I was stuck on the loading screen for 30 mins-my computer meets the system requirements-is there a way to fix this?

I redownloaded through itch.io, just because it will let me know when theres updates. The problem is though, when I've pressed start game and it gets into the park, it's just a white screen. I can get on the individual rides using the controls and they play fine. But I can't free roam around the park. I tried turning up my volume and it sounds like I'm moving but I just can't see where I'm moving. I did have this issue with the last copy I played but I can't remember how I fixed it. 

Hi unfortuantey this was a bug with that release that never got patched out, our update will fix this bug

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Sadly can't even get the game to load on the itch app. Get to the main menu and everything is running smooth. Hit 'Start Game' and crashes :( PC is high-spec but it doesn't seem to want to play ball unfortunately.

Oh no :( what are your system specs?


my game is laggy even though i meet all the requirements? and when i start the game it takes 15 minutes to load the game play, but nothing happens it just stays as a white screen! how can i fix this?

Hi there, unfortunately that build had a few issues on loading, if when you load try not touching the mouse or anything. Let us know how you get on :)

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Didnt touch mouse  or even computer (lol) and the same issue haapened, even exited and reloaded the game, still happens


How do you ride hex?

You have to download it at: https://www.immortalmediastudios.com/

Unfortunately Hex isn't available in this build but it is available on our website.

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Thank you!

Wow its amazing! Well done Imortal Media!


whenever i go on the game it kicks me out again what should i do? im using the itch app

Hi there what are your system specs?


when ever I log onto the main menu it just kicks me out again, does anyone know what I can do ?

Hi is this for the itch app? 

whenever i extract the game from the zip folder windows tells me this folder is empty i cant even extract it with 7-zip

Hi we recommend dowloading the itch app first and installing that on your computer rather than downloading directly from the website as the itch app allows us to update the game in the future

Can I play this game with my windows 7 pc that has 6gb of ram and 2.4ghz ?

While it can run on win7, right now it does need to be 64bit os, which as you have 6gb of ram it should be... what gpu are you running as this is the more important bit, if you play any other recent high demanding game, then you should be ok.

one great feature would be the ability to go to a specific year or time period so you could check out closed rides. (i know it would be a lot of considering that alton towers is 40 years old but still i would be very cool.)

Watch this space on that one ;)

Already a masterpiece, it got Smiler, Oblivion and Enterprise and I hope for more attractions in the future. Maybe you could add a map and a teleport function so you don't have to walk through the entire park every time :) Thank you for doing all this work!

Watch this space on that one ;)

I  think this game is one of the most realistic looking and graphically inciting game currently out there! especially for one of a theme park relating game as you don't see many of them! The creators of this have done an incredible job with the ambient sounds. I'm really looking forward to see how this develops and cannot wait to play it in its final state. I have been to Alton Towers too many times to count so from what i remember this is very accurate with the attention to detail. I like the controls for walking and switching between ride POV's. Keep up the amazing work look forward to see this develop! 

I think this is awesome, the amount of work involved is massive. Great work guys, really look forward to seeing the next expansion. This can only get better (the whole park), actual people, more ambiance etc. It would be good to have real time live cameras of sections of the park built into this as you move around the park. So, much you could do with this. More support for the Steam controller would be handy, i find i can move the camera with the controller but cannot actually walk. However, the keyboard is great for switching between rides and different views. Will it be possible when riding the coasters to be able to move the view or is the developmental logistics to insane?

when moving my mouse the sensitivity is way too much. i move it slightly and it goes balistic. is there a way to change sensitivity because the way it is now makes me unable to play.

Hi there, we are sorry to hear you are having issues with mouse sensitivity, this isn’t an issue that has been reported to us before however we will look into it and if it is something that we can fix then we will include a fix for this in the next update 

I have had a similar issue except when i turn my mouse sensitivity down it is fixed, but i noticed the mouse appears to stick to a grid, as if i had a low DPI mouse (i don't). it makes the game not feel smooth.

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Hi, found a few bugs.

I found on loading into the scene that i had to click my screen to move the player camera, i know this is an easy fix.

When clicking in my main player camera went upside down, i have no idea how that happened. 

Just a little feedback too, the bird sound effects are really good. But i feel like they would sound better if they dynamic in the scene than played by 2D. When going on rides it felt a little unrealistic to hear birds chirping.

Also i'm not sure if you're using actual endered scenes on the loading screens, if so it has a huge impact of performance when loading in. My advice would be to record the camera like how they change already, but play it as video in engine. You'll still have the same result, just saves on performance, and for the people who have lower end rigs.

Great, job, great demo!


Hi there, thank you for your bug report, we do appreciate them as they help us ensure that we make Virtual Towers Online the best it can be. 

Just a few answers with regards to your bugs, 

The player camera issues have now been fixed so the player should work without clicking on the screen and losing upside down has also been fixed.

The birds at the time were a test and so will be getting redone (there is a lot of audio rework to do still but it’s at the bottom of our list)

The loading screen is actually a video we recorded that is played as a media player.

why wont this work, will not download on pc


Hi, what issues are you having with the download? This file is now hosted on the itch.io servers so not quite sure, ahve you downloaded the itch app and tried downloading it that way?


Amazing game so far, Only X sector bus the world is beautiful. The rides are detailed to the max so as the audio, 5/5 so far from me. Cant wait for future releases.


Thank you for your kind feedback we are glad you are enjoying X-Sector 

How do i get the new update to be automatic when it is released? Real good job on this game by the way.

Hi if you have downloaded and installed VTO through the itch.io app then the agme will automatically update when we have released the new version